Monday, March 10, 2008

The Story Of Creation From Oahspe: Briefly.

First there is the Creator, Jehovih, then His
creation, and there is nothing else.

What does this mean? Simply put, nothing can create
or make itself and since nothing "just happens", without
a cause, Then He is the cause or Creator of all.

Jehovih is a Great Spirit that fills all space.
Everything is inside of Him. Everything is a part of
Him. The Universe, which comprises everything, is

Mortals cannot comprehend this, because mortals have
finite (limited) minds. But Jehovih has an infinite mind,
that we mortals will never understand.

The Universe is filled with countless stars, really
suns, which have planets revolving around them, which
are called solar systems. In each of these solar
systems, is at least one planet which has human life,
of some sort. Some of these humans are so far
developed, that war is unheard of and some can even
travel to distant start systems, at will.

At the beginning of our lives, as an embryo, Jehovih
gives a tiny part His Spiritual Self to us, which
gives us eternal life also. We are created with this
ability, but this can be taken away by adults,
especially parents, who do not believe in some sort of
God or some sort of life after death. In this case,
the unbelieving spirit might be annihilated, never to
be seen again.

Down through history, in order to lift mankind up,
Jehovih and His Holy Angels, have sent to earth, certain
men who are called Great Leaders Forth. (See pictures.)

When humans die (get out of their bodies) they are
actually born into the spiritual world. Each person
then goes on for further development in schools, colleges, etc.
Over many hundreds of years, certain spirits evolve to
become Gods, Goddess, Lords, etc. who rule over entire
planets, or sections of planets, for certain periods of time.

In every one of these star systems (solar systems)
there always emerges certain Lords, under Jehovih,
who get impatient with the Creator, to clean up the
earth of thousands of dictatorial man-gods (false
gods) who enslave mortals, for their own use.

This same thing happened on earth, which the angels
call THE RED STAR. These Lords, who broke away from
Jehovih and His Chief God, formed a confederacy, and
since there were three of them, they called themselves
The Trinity and claimed to be worshipers of The Holy
Ghost (Jehovih). When Jehovih saw that they called
Him a "ghost", He said, "I am not a ghost, I am a
Person" .

The first thing these rebels did, was to clean up the earth,
of all those petty false gods and throw all of them and their
worshippers in hells, that they created for that purpose.

These hells were not lakes of fire, but huge areas that were
walled around by fire, so all could not escape and they caused
poisonous gases to be there, to torment their prisoners

After that, these rebellious Lords, now started
telling earth people that they were the creator and
this made them FALSE GODS. They then started waring
with each other trying to be the "TOP DOG" over earth
and throw all the other false gods in hell and be THE
RULER over all the earth.

After waring with each other for hundreds of years,
they finally called a truce and portioned off the
earth and settled down to "a sort of peace" with each

Meanwhile, when they had been fighting each other,
Jehovih had been sending his Great Leaders Forth
to earth to teach mortals about Him, their Creator.
When the false gods saw what Jehovih had done, they
decided to declare war on Him and all those who
worshiped Him. They also sent to earth 49 saviors,
to various parts of the earth, to teach mortals to
worship the Trinity and the Holy Ghost. All of
these were put to death ignobly, by being poisoned,
burned to death, etc. and 16 were crucified. This
was done to make martyers of them, to gain strong
sympathy for their Lord and Savior.

Ref: "The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviours-
Christianity Before Christ" by Kersey Graves
and Acharya S.

So the struggle for the hearts of minds for mortals
went on for a long time. Finally Jehovih and his
angels inspired Europeans to go across the ocean to
a new land, to found a nation (America) with
religious freedom. So that was done.

Then, at the beginning of the 1800's, Jehovih had His
Chief God throw all of these false gods and all of
their worshipers in hell. After leaving all of them
in these hells a season, He had His Chief God, and
millions of angels, take all of them out of there, to
heavenly plateaus for healing.

After that Jehovih had all of the false gods brought before
His Chief God for judgment.These false gods were told that
since they had caused all of these people to fall down and
worship them,they were now responsible for there resurrection.

Even now on earth there are great problems between
these religions, especially the Christian, Muslim and
Jewish. God only knows when peace will ever come to
earth. But one thing I am sure of is this: Peace on
earth will "not come" until all of the dictators and
leftest governments are overthrown and all extremist
religious attitudes are done away with.

Copyright (c) 2008 by:
Donald Richard Ballard
Colonel In Jehovih's Spiritual Militia

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